Dan's Saw & Tool
Sawing Solutions
by Established 1970     For over 30 years Dan's Saw & Tool has been combining "Old World Service" with modern technology to bring our customers the very best quality service and tooling they expect.
    We specialize in the sharpening and sales of cabinet-industry tooling, but are experienced in the cutting tools of all trades including, but certainly not limited to the industries of glass, aluminum, steel, concrete and wood.
Homeowners!  We are here for you, too!
Let us resharpen your tired and dull gardening equipment, scissors and kitchen knives and we will give you 10% off of your first visit !
     Carbide Tipped Sawblades                       Document Shredders    
     Carbide Tipped Router Bits                     Punches / Dies
     CNC Spiral & Compression Bits             Hedgetrimmers
     Drills & Holesaws                                        Garden Shears (loppers, trimmers)
     HSS / Cold Saw Blades                              Scissors /Haircutting Shears
     Picture Framing Knives                            Mower Blades
     Profile Knives                                               Chainsaws
     Planer / Joiner Knives                               Chisels / Lathetools
We offer FREE Pickup & Delivery in the Central Florida Area for our
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